2019 Training Calendar

Network Automation and Programmability with PythonCAPEJulyClick here
Outlook and Challenges in Natural Gas Monetization & Processing with CO2 UtilizationCAPEJulyClick here
Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam PreparationCAPEJulyClick here
Big Data Analytics for Business and Beyond - Beginner LevelCAPEJulyClick here
Energy Regulation and PoliciesCAPEJulyClick here
Evaluating Economic Feasibility of Engineering ProjectsCAPEJulyClick here
Immersive Techno in Virtual Reality (VR)CAPEJulyClick here
Finance for Non-finance: Practical Financial Tools for All Business Executives and ManagersCAPEJulyClick here
Statistical Process Control TrainingCAPEJulyClick here
Test & Cloud AutomationCAPEJulyClick here
Human Factors Consideration for Process SafetyCAPEAugustClick here
Introduction to LiDAR Survey TechnologyCAPEAugustClick here
Reliability Analysis of Offshore FoundationCAPEAugustClick here
Seismic Assessment & Retrofitting of Existing Reinforced Concrete StructuresCAPEAugustClick here
Big Data Predictive Analytics Using R Language - Intermediate LevelCAPEAugustClick here
Big Data Analytics Using Power BI - Advanced LevelCAPEAugustClick here
Handling Risk in Project Evaluation: A Practical ApproachCAPEAugustClick here
Risk-Based Project Investment Decision RulesCAPEAugustClick here
Advanced WaterfloodingCAPEAugustClick here
Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Medical and Biomedical ApplicationsCAPEAugustClick here
Exploring Digital Geosciences with ArcGISCAPEAugustClick here
Equations of State & PVT Analysis for Hydrocarbon Phase BehaviorCAPEAugustClick here
Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Global WorldCAPEAugustClick here
Ethics, Social Responsibility and Governance in BusinessCAPESeptemberClick here
Development and Implementation of Internet of Things-based Projects Using Mbed OSCAPESeptemberClick here
Fire and Explosion Safety and Protection For Oil & Gas IndustriesCAPESeptemberClick here
Soil Mechanics for Pipeline Design and Stress AnalysisCAPESeptemberClick here
Process Optimization: An Enabler for Profit MaximizationCAPEOctoberClick here
Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback: Theory and ApplicationsCAPEOctoberClick here
Big Data Analytics Using Power BI - Advanced LevelCAPEOctoberClick here
Engineering Project Risk ManagementCAPEOctoberClick here
Heat Integration for Process Industries: Concepts to RealityCAPENovemberClick here
Big Data Analytics for Business and Beyond - Beginner LevelCAPENovemberClick here
Evaluating Economic Feasibility of Engineering ProjectsCAPENovemberClick here
Process Design MasterclassCAPENovemberClick here

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