Fire and Explosion Safety, Protection and Dynamic Risk for Petroleum and Process Plants


Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Shakir Nasif


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Fire and explosion are very destructive and catastrophic in nature and it is a fact that its occurrence is often unpredictable. Fire and explosion in petroleum facilities especially can lead to significant losses including life, financial, property and subsequently damaging the environment which will lead to catastrophic consequences. These accidents not only destroy facilities, but also it may hit nearby facilities with certain physical effects (e.g. heat radiation or blast wave), and sometimes even cause so-called domino effect (accident escalation), which can obviously extend  the severity of the accident. One of the ways that can reduce fire and explosion incidents and save people’s lives is by providing knowledge and developing good understanding on the behavior of fires and smoke, the behavior of people exposed to fires, determine its risk, and predict equipment failure probability that change with time and leads to fire or explosion, developing correct evacuation plan and designing and maintaining facilities that can be safe during fire incidents, as well as designing and selecting appropriate fire protection systems. This course will provide extensive information on the above and will be delivered by academic and industry experts in fire and explosion safety and protection engineering. This course is aimed to enhance participants’ knowledge on fundamental theory of fires and explosion and fire hazard analysis as well as practical implementation of fire and explosion safety. The course also covers topics on failure probability and dynamic risk assessment due to fire and explosion, protection and prevention strategies. The installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire and explosion protections will also be discussed.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able:
  • Understanding fire and explosion dynamics, behavior, causes, spread and evacuation fundamentals.
  • Understanding unexpected fire and explosion behavior such as liquid boil over and domino effect.
  • Perform structure fire safety analysis and understand the impact of fire on plant structure.
  • Perform risk assessment in Fire and explosion safety Engineering, including dynamic risk assessment.
  • Perform fire protection and detection system’s reliability and failure analysis.
  • Understanding fire and explosion incidents investigation steps.
  • Understanding fire and explosion safety design and response options


Associate Professor Dr Mohammad Shakir Nasif has over 27 years of industrial and academic experience in the field of mechanical and fire engineering. He has worked with international consultants in Australia, New Zealand, and Middle East in the field of fire engineering, and fire safety and protection engineering. He has been an invited speaker in several fire safety conferences and universities and supervised research students in fire safety and protection engineering. He has published more than 70 peer reviewed journals and conference papers, and technical reports.  He is chartered member of Institute of Engineering   Assoc Prof Dr Masdi bin Muhammad, (CEng (UK), ASQ-Certified Reliability Engineer, CMRP) is an associate professor and department chair at Mechanical Engineering Department, and research cluster leader for Facility and Plant Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. He is actively involved in research collaboration and consultancy with PETRONAS in the area of Reliability, Risk and Maintenance. He is a chartered engineer and member of BEM, IEM, ASME and ASQ. Prof Nasir Shafiq has more than 30 years of working experience as academician, researcher, and structural design consultant in the area (s) of analysis & design of Oil & Gas, Buildings and infrastructures, reliability engineering, fire resistant materials and low carbon design. He has authored more than 100 journal papers, conference proceeding and reviews and authored a book on “Green and Sustainable Construction”. He has completed a number of technical projects from oil and gas industry. He is the member of American concrete society (ACI) and associate member of committee 201 (under ACI) on concrete durability. He was also vice president of concrete society Malaysia for the term 2014-2016.

Dr Azizul Buang was conferred a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Loughborough University, United Kingdom. He was a Committee Member of the National Management Committee in International Electrotechnical Commission (Explosive Atmosphere) 2017 - 2018 under the Department of Standard Malaysia. He is the MSc in Process safety program manager. His areas of interest including analysing the temperature profile in the burning liquid hydrocarbon and predicting boilover phenomenon in storage tank fire. Mr Kairul Zaman holds MSc. in Emergency Planning and Response. He has established 30 years of Fire Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and Crisis Management experience. At present, he is Crisis Management Leader, PETRONAS with 20 years’ experience in Upstream and Downstream oil & gas plants. Mr. Kairul was the Deputy Director of Fire & Rescue, Negeri Sembilan. Mr. Kairul is well versed in fire safety, emergency response and planning, crisis management and fire, along with explosion protection systems  

Mr. Tuan Nordisham Tuan Hussain currently is senior in crisis management PETRONAS. Previously he was the fire chief for Central Emergency and Fire Service Response, PETRONAS, at their Petrochemical Complex in Kerteh, Malaysia. Prior to that he was a fire officer at the fire prevention department - Fire and Rescue Malaysia. He has over 20 years’ experience in fire safety both in the government sector as well as in oil and gas. He has also given talks in various conferences and courses.

Mr. Hasnolizar Zakaria has 24 years’ of experience in asset integrity management, that involved in damaged assessment, fit-for-services, root caused analysis, independent design review, gap assessment, and 3rd party independent design review. He holds MSc in Mechanical Engineering. He is also involved in the fire and blast explosion damaged assessment as a project manager. Previously, he was a Lead Commissioning Engineer at various project locations worldwide.

Dr Mohd Zahirasri bin Mohd Tohir is a Senior lecturer at the department of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).  He obtained his PhD in Fire Engineering, from University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He has extensive research and application experience in fire and explosion including consultancies and collaboration with various government departments.


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Introduction Fire and explosion are very destructive and catastrophic in nature and it is a fact that its occurrence is often unpredictable. Fire and explosion in petroleum facilities especially can lead to significant losses including life, financial, property and subsequently […]

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