Dr. Izzatdin Abdul Aziz

DR IZZATDIN Dr. Izzatdin Abdul Aziz is a researcher at the High Performance Cloud Computing Centre (HPC3) in The Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), where he focuses in solving complex upstream Oil and Gas (O&G) industry problems from the view point of computer sciences. Dr. Izzatdin currently serves as the deputy head of the Computer and Information Sciences Department in UTP. He obtained his Ph.D in Information Technology from Deakin University, Australia working in the domain of hydrocarbon exploration and cloud computing. He is working closely with O&G companies in delivering solutions for complex problems such as Offshore O&G pipeline corrosion rate prediction, O&G pipeline corrosion detection, securing data on clouds and designing and implementing Metocean prediction system and bridging upstream and downstream oil and gas businesses through data analytics. Additionally, he is also working on Big Data transmission, security and optimization problems on High Performance Clouds.  
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Big Data Predictive Analytic Using R Language (Intermediate Level)