Upcoming Courses

Winning through Quality: Quality Awareness Training for Entrepreneurs & SMEsONLINE (MS TEAMS)July2 JulyClick Here
Machine Vision AlgorithmsONLINE (MS TEAMS)July5 – 7 JulyClick Here
Offshore Platforms: from Design, Operation to Life ExtensionONLINE (MS TEAMS)July5 – 8 JulyClick Here
Finance For Non-finance: Practical Financial Tools For All Business Executives And ManagersONLINE (MS TEAMS)July6 – 8 JulyClick Here
Reinforced Concrete Beams Design to Eurocode2ONLINE (MS TEAMS)July8 JulyClick Here
Vehicle Drivetrain Performance Analysis: Using Ms Excel & Matlab SimulinkONLINE (MS TEAMS)July12 – 13 JulyClick Here
Weibull Analysis in API 581 Risk-Based InspectionONLINE (MS TEAMS)July12 – 13 JulyClick Here
Offshore Decommissioning of Facilities: A Global and Engineering PerspectiveONLINE (MS TEAMS)July13 – 14 JulyClick Here
Awareness on groundwaterONLINE (MS TEAMS)July15 JulyClick Here
Strategic Business CommunicationONLINE (MS TEAMS)July24 -25 JulyClick Here
Strategic Planning & Leadership StylesONLINE (MS TEAMS)July24 – 26 JulyClick Here
Composite Analysis using Altair Simulation PackagesONLINE (MS TEAMS)July26 – 27 JulyClick Here
3-Day Mini MBA: Strategy, Marketing and Financial Risk ManagementONLINE (MS TEAMS)July26 – 28 JulyClick Here
Fire and explosion safety, protection and risk for petroleum and process plantsONLINE (MS TEAMS)July26 – 28 JulyClick Here
Basic Wastewater Parameters: Analysis and Interpretation for Biological Wastewater TreatmentONLINE (MS TEAMS)July27 – 28 July Click Here
Recurrent Data Analysis for Repairable SystemsONLINE (MS TEAMS)July27 – 29 JulyClick Here
Conjoint Analysis and Attribute Tradeoffs ONLINE (MS TEAMS)July28 – 29 JulyClick Here
Application Of Fuzzy Delphi Method (FDM) In Social Science ResearchONLINE (MS TEAMS)July – August31 July – 1 AugustClick Here
NMR SpectroscopyONLINE (MS TEAMS)August2 – 3 AugustClick Here
Development and Implementation of Internet of Things-based Projects using Mbed OSONLINE (MS TEAMS)August2 – 5 AugustClick Here
Presenting with Impact in the Digital EnvironmentONLINE (MS TEAMS)August3 – 4 AugustClick Here
Big Data Predictive Analytic using Python LanguageONLINE (MS TEAMS)August3 – 5 AugustClick Here
Protecting Organizations’ IT System from Cyber Security ThreatONLINE (MS TEAMS)August3 – 5 AugustClick here
Application of Seismic Data AnalysisONLINE (MS TEAMS)August3 – 5 AugustClick Here
Ethics, Social Responsibility and Governance in BusinessONLINE (MS TEAMS)August3 – 5 AugustClick Here
Report Writing: From Pen to PaperONLINE (MS TEAMS)August5 AugustClick Here
Designing Catalysts for Biofuels and Biochemicals ProductionONLINE (MS TEAMS)August5 – 6 AugustClick Here
Data Science Stack: Introduction to Numpy, Matplotlib and PandasONLINE (MS TEAMS)August9 – 10 AugustClick Here
Prospects of thermoelectric air-conditioning system in MalaysiaONLINE (MS TEAMS)August10 AugustClick Here
Overview of mercury management in oil and gas industriesONLINE (MS TEAMS)August11 – 12 AugustClick Here
An Introduction to Nanoscale Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications: The All-in-One Toolbox for NanomaterialsONLINE (MS TEAMS)August11 – 13 AugustClick Here
Exploiting IT System VulnerabilitiesONLINE (MS TEAMS)August11 – 13 AugustClick Here
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy : Advanced TechniquesONLINE (MS TEAMS)August12 – 13 AugustClick Here
Strengthening Design of Existing Steel and Concrete StructuresONLINE (MS TEAMS)August15 – 16 AugustClick Here
Fitness-for-service AssessmentONLINE (MS TEAMS)August16 – 17 AugustClick Here
Applying Forecasting Methods in Project EvaluationONLINE (MS TEAMS)August16 – 17 AugustClick Here
Cloud ComputingONLINE (MS TEAMS)August16 – 18 August Click Here
RF Microwave design for 2-port, 3-port and 4-port networksONLINE (MS TEAMS)August17 – 18 AugustClick Here
Thermal Energy Storage System AnalysisONLINE (MS TEAMS)August17 – 18 AugustClick Here
Demand and Capacity ManagementONLINE (MS TEAMS)August17 – 19 AugustClick Here
Offshore Fixed Structures DecommissioningONLINE (MS TEAMS)August17 – 19 AugustClick Here
Effective Project Management and HSE Management for Successful and Sustainable Completion of Infrastructure, Oil and Gas and Construction ProjectsONLINE (MS TEAMS)August18 AugustClick Here
Sentiment Analysis for Business ReputationONLINE (MS TEAMS)August18 – 19 AugustClick Here
Tips for Research Students (Research Focus, Idea, and Data Management) ONLINE (MS TEAMS)August19 – 20 AugustClick Here
Electromagnetic Theory for BeginnerONLINE (MS TEAMS)August21 – 22 AugustClick Here
Fundamentals of Frequency-Domain Signal Analysis and Its Applications in EngineeringONLINE (MS TEAMS)August23 – 24 AugustClick Here
Mobile Apps Development for Non-ProgrammerONLINE (MS TEAMS)August23 – 26 AugustClick Here
Summer School: Machine and Deep Learning for Biomedical ApplicationsONLINE (MS TEAMS)August23 – 27 AugustClick Here
Pipeline Design & Integrity Assessments: Learning and Insights from IndustryONLINE (MS TEAMS)August24 – 25 AugustClick Here
Structural Integrity – OffshoreONLINE (MS TEAMS)August24 – 25 August Click Here
Nonlinear Dynamic Finite Element Analysis using Altair RADIOSS (Theory and Application)ONLINE (MS TEAMS)August24 – 26 AugustClick Here
Assessment of Coastal Environments: Fundamentals and Insights from IndustryONLINE (MS TEAMS)August25 – 26 AugustClick Here
Introduction to Risk-Based Project Investment Decision RulesONLINE (MS TEAMS)August25 – 26 AugustClick Here
Application of Crystallization in Biofuel and BiomassONLINE (MS TEAMS)August26 AugustClick Here
Public Policy, Governance & AdministrationONLINE (MS TEAMS)August26 – 27 AugustClick Here
Advances in the Design and Materials Characterization for Asphalt PavementsONLINE (MS TEAMS)August26 – 27 AugustClick Here
Advanced Effective Marketing Strategies for Creating Value and Gaining Competitive EdgeONLINE (MS TEAMS)August26 – 27 AugustClick Here
Membrane for Gases Separation and Numerical Modeling of Membrane ModulesONLINE (MS TEAMS)August27 AugustClick Here
Glycerol to Value-added ProductsONLINE (MS TEAMS)September1 SeptemberClick Here
Fundamental on Contract law for non-legal practitionersONLINE (MS TEAMS)September1 – 2 SeptemberClick Here
Multipurpose Gas Hydrate and Corrosion inhibitor: A prevention and control methodsONLINE (MS TEAMS)September1 – 2 SeptemberClick Here
Biomass conversion to carbon material for wastewater treatmentONLINE (MS TEAMS)September1 – 2 SeptemberClick Here
Emerging Technologies for Carbon Dioxide Adsorption, Separation and Utilization ONLINE (MS TEAMS)September2 SeptemberClick Here
Introduction to Reverse Engineering Using 3D Laser Scanner and 3D Printing technologyONLINE (MS TEAMS)September2 – 3 SeptemberClick Here
Blockchain Technology For Business Value ManagementONLINE (MS TEAMS)September2 – 3 SeptemberClick Here
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting using PythonONLINE (MS TEAMS)September6 – 8 SeptemberClick Here
Evaluating Economic Feasibility of Engineering ProjectsONLINE (MS TEAMS)September7 – 9 SeptemberClick Here
Multi-criteria decision-making approach for Policy DevelopmentONLINE (MS TEAMS)September8 – 9 SeptemberClick Here
Programmable logic controllers Basic programmingONLINE (MS TEAMS)September8 – 9 SeptemberClick Here
Material Analysis Using XPS and XRD Techniques: The Principles and ApplicationsONLINE (MS TEAMS)September8 – 9 SeptemberClick Here
Spare Part Planning and ControlONLINE (MS TEAMS)September13 – 14 SeptemberClick Here
Nano Technology in Oil and Gas: Principles & ApplicationsONLINE (MS TEAMS)September14 – 15 SeptemberClick Here
Preparation of Quality Research Publications for High Impact Journals: Editors’ PerspectivesONLINE (MS TEAMS)September20 – 21 SeptemberClick Here
Application of Artificial Neural Network ModellingONLINE (MS TEAMS)September20 – 21 SeptemberClick Here
Pumps in industrial applicationsONLINE (MS TEAMS)September20 – 21 SeptemberClick Here
Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Treatment PlantsONLINE (MS TEAMS)September21 – 22 SeptemberClick Here
Underwater Imaging for Corrosion InspectionONLINE (MS TEAMS)September28 – 29 SeptemberClick Here
Environmental Impact Assessment for Construction ProjectONLINE (MS TEAMS)September28 – 30 SeptemberClick Here
Advanced Process Simulation for typical processing equipmentONLINE (MS TEAMS)October2, 9 and 16 OctoberClick Here
Practical Machine Learning (Scikit-Learn) for O&GONLINE (MS TEAMS)October6 – 8 OctoberClick Here
Composite Optimization using Altair Simulation PackagesONLINE (MS TEAMS)October11 – 12 OctoberClick Here
Image processing and Computer Vision with industrial applicationsONLINE (MS TEAMS)October11 – 13 OctoberClick Here
Offshore Decommissioning of Facilities: An In Depth Understanding of Decommissioning Option Assessment (DOA)ONLINE (MS TEAMS)October12 – 14 OctoberClick Here
Shariah-Compliant Derivatives and How to Trade (CPE Points)ONLINE (MS TEAMS)October13 OctoberClick Here
Handling Risk In Project Evaluation: A Practical ApproachONLINE (MS TEAMS)October13 – 15 October Click Here
Soil Behaviour Interpretation from Triaxial TestONLINE (MS TEAMS)October13 – 15 OctoberClick Here
Fundamentals of pressure-transient analysis and application of material balance as diagnostic and optimization toolONLINE (MS TEAMS)October13 – 15 OctoberClick Here
Sukuk Structuring and Shariah Parameters in the Issuance of Sukuk (CPE Points)ONLINE (MS TEAMS)October14 OctoberClick Here
Big Data Predictive Analytic using Python LanguageONLINE (MS TEAMS)October20 – 22 OctoberClick Here
3D parts design, modeling & Analysis using open source software: FreeCADONLINE (MS TEAMS)October21 – 22 OctoberClick Here
CFD simulation to evaluate heat exchanger performanceONLINE (MS TEAMS)October25 OctoberClick Here
Basic Well CompletionONLINE (MS TEAMS)October25 – 29 OctoberClick Here
Production Technology from Fundamentals to AdvancedONLINE (MS TEAMS)October26 – 28 OctoberClick Here
Business Analytics using Power BIONLINE (MS TEAMS)October26 – 28 OctoberClick Here
Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) for Plant PerformanceONLINE (MS TEAMS)October26 – 28 OctoberClick Here
Cloud ComputingONLINE (MS TEAMS)October27 – 28 OctoberClick Here
Well Control During Drilling OperationsONLINE (MS TEAMS)October27 – 28 OctoberClick Here
Core Displacement Study: Experimental & Analysis for Reservoir StudyONLINE (MS TEAMS)October27 – 29 OctoberClick Here
What do you need to know: Process Safety & Process Safety ManagementONLINE (MS TEAMS)November25 – 26 NovemberClick Here
Blockchain Fundamentals & Business OpportunitiesONLINE (MS TEAMS)November15 – 16 NovemberClick Here
NDT for Pipeline Monitoring and Inspection UsingONLINE (MS TEAMS)November15 – 16 NovemberClick Here
Value Co-Creation using Blockchain TechnologyONLINE (MS TEAMS)November29 – 30 NovemberClick Here
Structural Equation Modelling using AMOSONLINE (MS TEAMS)November1 NovemberClick Here
Programmable logic controllers Intermediate programmingONLINE (MS TEAMS)November1 – 2 NovemberClick Here
Enhancing English Communication Skills: Speaking and WritingONLINE (MS TEAMS)November1 – 3 NovemberClick Here
Machine and Deep Learning Applications in Oil & GasONLINE (MS TEAMS)November1 – 4 NovemberClick Here
Value Co-Creation TrainingONLINE (MS TEAMS)November5 – 6 NovemberClick Here
Protective coating for corrosion protectionONLINE (MS TEAMS)November8 – 9 NovemberClick Here
Gas Conditioning Process with Advanced SimulationsONLINE (MS TEAMS)November8 – 11 NovemberClick Here
Petroleum Economics & Reserves ManagementONLINE (MS TEAMS)November9 – 10 NovemberClick Here
Electromagnetic modeling and seabed logging simulation using finite element method (FEM)ONLINE (MS TEAMS)November10 NovemberClick Here
Fundamentals of petrophysics and formation evaluationONLINE (MS TEAMS)November10 – 12 NovemberClick Here
Blockchain Fundamentals and Business OpportunitiesONLINE (MS TEAMS)November15 -16 NovemberClick Here
Protecting Organizations’ IT System from Cyber Security ThreatONLINE (MS TEAMS)November17 – 18 NovemberClick Here
Deep learning application for automated quantitative interpretationONLINE (MS TEAMS)November17 – 19 NovemberClick Here
Practical Deep Neural Networks AI : Best Practices for Gradient LearningONLINE (MS TEAMS)November21 NovemberClick Here
Exploiting IT System VulnerabilitiesONLINE (MS TEAMS)November22 – 23 NovemberClick Here
Reliability Assessment of PipelinesONLINE (MS TEAMS)November22 – 23 NovemberClick Here
Electromagnetic Modeling using COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS Software based on FiniteONLINE (MS TEAMS)November24 NovemberClick Here
Pressure Vessel Design, Inspection and TestingONLINE (MS TEAMS)November29 – 30 NovemberClick Here
Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis for HC Exploration: An Imperative Role in Reservoir modelling and CharacterizationONLINE (MS TEAMS)December2 – 3 DecemberClick Here
Basics of Numerical Reservoir SimulationONLINE (MS TEAMS)December6 – 10 DecemberClick Here
Oilfield and process-related CorrosionONLINE (MS TEAMS)December7 – 8 DecemberClick Here
Big Data Predictive Analytic using Python LanguageONLINE (MS TEAMS)December7 – 9 DecemberClick Here
10th Biomass to Biofuels and Biochemicals Short CourseONLINE (MS TEAMS)December8 – 9 DecemberClick Here
Reconciling Quantitative & Qualitative Research: Shifting PerspectivesONLINE (MS TEAMS)December9 DecemberClick Here
Advanced Applications of Nanoadditives and Nanocomposites in Oil & Gas Production Engineering & EOR (Conventional & Unconventional Reservoirs)ONLINE (MS TEAMS)December9 – 10 DecemberClick Here
Energy Management and Audit for IndustryONLINE (MS TEAMS)December13 – 14 DecemberClick Here
Natural Gas Hydrates in Flow AssuranceONLINE (MS TEAMS)December14 DecemberClick Here
IT Project Management Course: An IntroductionONLINE (MS TEAMS)December15 – 16 DecemberClick Here
Process Equipment Malfunction Detection, Diagnostics and Predictive MaintenanceONLINE (MS TEAMS)December15 – 16 DecemberClick Here
Spatial Analysis for Decision Making in the Fourth Industrial RevolutionONLINE (MS TEAMS)December17 – 18 DecemberClick Here
Numerical and computational modeling for Sorption measurements: Methods and hands on case studyONLINE (MS TEAMS)December17 – 18 DecemberClick Here
Introduction to Offshore Renewable EnergyONLINE (MS TEAMS)December20 – 22 DecemberClick Here
Polymer CompositesONLINE (MS TEAMS)December20 – 23 DecemberClick Here
Technologies Review For Wastewater Treatment: Adsorption, Photocatalysis And MembraneONLINE (MS TEAMS)December28 – 30 DecemberClick Here
Mitigation of Emission from Industries and TransportationONLINE (MS TEAMS)December27 – 29 DecemberClick Here