Upcoming Courses

Tall Building Design and Construction: Challenges, Issues and SolutionONLINE (MS TEAMS) March9 – 10 March 2021Click Here
Metocean Criteria and Considerations in Offshore DesignONLINE (MS TEAMS) March10 – 11 March 2021Click Here
Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology, Applications, Alternatives & Future TrendsONLINE (MS TEAMS)March 16 March 2021Click Here
Python for Beginners ONLINE (MS TEAMS) March16 – 18 March 2021Click Here
Finance For Non-finance: Practical Financial Tools For All Business Executives And ManagerONLINE (MS TEAMS)March16 – 18 March 2021Click Here
Advanced Pavement Analysis and DesignONLINE (MS TEAMS) March17 – 18 March 2021Click Here
Wind Engineering DesignONLINE (MS TEAMS)March17 – 18 March 2021Click Here
Landslides & Engineered SlopesONLINE (MS TEAMS) March29 – 31 March 2021Click Here
Developing A Winning Business PlanONLINE (MS TEAMS) March22 – 24 March 2021Click Here
Integrity Assessment of Civil and Structural Assets subjected to Process Safety Incident in Petrochemical PlantONLINE (MS TEAMS)March22 – 23 March 2021Click Here
Publications in IF Journals/Book Chapters Index in Scopus and ISI Book Citation IndexONLINE (MS TEAMS)March23 March 2021Click Here
Big Data Predictive Analytic using Python LanguageONLINE (MS TEAMS)March23 – 25 March 2021Click Here
Technical Publications for Working Engineers and ConsultantsONLINE (MS TEAMS)March24 March 2021Click Here
Machine Learning and Deep Learning Modeling of Reservoir Characterization and Reservoir Simulations Using Wireline Logs ONLINE (MS TEAMS)March25 March 2021Click Here
Corrosion Measurement Techniques ONLINE (MS TEAMS)March29 – 31 March 2021Click Here
Landslides & Engineered SlopesONLINE (MS TEAMS)March 29 – 31 March 2021Click Here
Value Co-Creation using Blockchain TechnologyONLINE (MS TEAMS)March / April29 March -1 April 2021Click Here
Process Design MasterclassONLINE (MS TEAMS)April1 – 2 April 2021Click Here
Change Through Emotional Intelligence: Developing Sustainable Personal and Organizational ChangeONLINE (MS TEAMS)April1 – 2 April 2021Click Here
2nd and 3rd Generation Ionic Liquids: Synthesis, Characterization and Their Application in Oil IndustryONLINE (MS TEAMS) April 5 – 6 April 2021Click Here
Building Engaging Virtual Led Instructor Training (VILT) EnvironmentONLINE (MS TEAMS)April5 – 6 April 2021Click Here
NMR Spectroscopy ONLINE (MS TEAMS)April5 – 6 April 2021Click Here
Practical Machine Vision SystemsONLINE (MS TEAMS)April5 – 6 April 2021Click Here
Energy ManagementONLINE (MS TEAMS)April5 – 9 April 2021Click Here
Business Analytics using Power BIONLINE (MS TEAMS)April6 – 8 April 2021Click Here
Strategic Business CommunicationONLINE (MS TEAMS)April7 – 8 April 2021Click Here
Structural Integrity – OffshoreONLINE (MS TEAMS)April7 – 8 April 2021Click Here
Neurofeedback Training ONLINE (MS TEAMS)April7 April 2021Click Here
Passive Mechanical Separation in Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Flow Using T-junction: Guideline for DesignONLINE (MS TEAMS)April12 April 2021Click Here

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